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A Family Of Colors
Little mister Indigo
Sat on Lady Lavender's knee
And asked, somewhat curiously,
"Some are weak and some are strong
But all the poems I see are long.
Oh, Lady Lavender, how can this be?"
She answered back, with a smile,
"Little mister Indigo, please just wait a while
And then you'll see,
A short poem that was meant to be."
:iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 1 3
Exovitus Colored by writhingmoonbeam Exovitus Colored :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 1 1 Exovitus by writhingmoonbeam Exovitus :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 1 5 Fallen's Aaerus by writhingmoonbeam Fallen's Aaerus :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 3 2 The Beast of Miscellanea by writhingmoonbeam The Beast of Miscellanea :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 4 1 The Beast of Sight by writhingmoonbeam The Beast of Sight :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 3 1 Beast of Luck: Colored by writhingmoonbeam Beast of Luck: Colored :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 1 1 Beast of Luck by writhingmoonbeam Beast of Luck :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 2 1 Dragonfly Designs by writhingmoonbeam Dragonfly Designs :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 3 3 DevID 2 by writhingmoonbeam DevID 2 :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 1 3 Owen Meany by writhingmoonbeam Owen Meany :iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 1 0
You and I...
I had a dream about you last night.
Admittedly, it was only one small bit of a bigger, stranger, yet somehow more familiar dream, but it was the part I picked out the most. It was a sweet dream, for me, at least.
The sky was dark and shaded with the blue light of gentle stars, and I felt the comforting warmth of you as you held me tight in your arms. I felt you breathe, felt your heartbeat, felt your breath and hands in my hair as I tried to hold on tighter and forever, forever. You didn’t say anything until I asked you to say your name – I’d never heard it said right, or with your wonderful accent I’d heard only once (and more than a year ago). I felt the vibrations, not unpleasant at all, and listened to the way it should sound: your name, the wind gently rustling through the trees somewhere close but far off, the way you spoke, your pulse. It was absolutely perfect.
It couldn’t last long enough – you had to head off to your house, floating somewhere on
:iconwrithingmoonbeam:writhingmoonbeam 0 0
Dream With A Joker, Cont'd
It had been quite a while since my encounter with the strange man the first time. I’d nicknamed him the Joker for his uncanny resemblance to the comic strip villain. It was fitting, I thought. After all, that’s what he was!
A giant black horse supported my partner in my quests for strange, unusual, uncanny, or sometimes just random objects. He sat straight and tall, with short black hair and fair features. He knew there was something strange about me, but that never deterred him. Instead, it seemed to encourage him. He had become my only friend.
I sat on a pretty big horse myself, but mine was brown. We more or less matched our horses.
The object we’d been hunting for a while had just turned up. We rode in town to go find the man who’d sent us on the quest, and ended up stopping at a couple of bars. Nothing bad, just juice for me.
After the last bar, one that looked more like a sort of shoot-em-up saloon rather than any respectable modern tavern, my partner and I st
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United States


it's been a while.

Tue Nov 10, 2009, 9:39 PM
Time to try out the ocean, as it were...

It has been a while, hasn't it?

First things first, I'm not really going to be that dedicated to dA. Not that I eve was,'s nowhere close to even being on my priorities list.

To correct my last journal...well...let's talk:
I thought that, this year, I'd be going to the same high school and not doing running start. I even went to registration and got my schedule (which is on the last journal), but I changed my mind and decided to do Running Start instead. What's Running Start? Well, basically I just did some paperwork, took a couple tests, and now I'm doing college-level courses, AT A COLLEGE, which count both towards my (new) high school's graduation requirements and my college credit sh'bang. And yes, I had to change technical high schools. Oh well. Not that big a deal. I'm over it...I'll keep in touch with whoever I would have kept in touch with if I'd left two years from now. I just outgrew my old high school.

Anyways, so I'm pretty busy with full-time college, one orchestra class at the new high school, PYP, and just generally driving everywhere. Coolio. That's my life.

Other, more important news? I have a boy :) And I have for three months! Love love love.

We'll see how the rest of my life progresses, but that boy is just wonderful <3

Hope to talk with all y'all soonish! <3

  • Listening to: bruckner 4 and 5
  • Watching: torchwood
  • Playing: zelda : link to the past
  • Eating: pizza


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